About Leighanne


I help people choose to feel good!

My name is Leighanne Crocker.  I am a mum, qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Essential Oils Educator. Wellness is so important to me.  I am mid 40’s, living in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.  When I am well, I function at my best…I’m kinder, more aligned with my purpose, a better wife, mother and friend. The journey to be well for me has been like this…. almost all of my life, I’ve had eczema and asthma. When I was young I spent many days at the Royal Children’s Hospital where my skin was treated regularly with cortisone creams.

As I got older, my skin broke out all over the place. I would try some new cream, but alas, my skin always reacted badly.  My anxiety levels were elevated as well and this continued as I got older. Then I got married and tried to have a baby.  After 4 years on IVF, I finally had my beautiful daughter Emma. One thing after another progressively affected my capacity to operate without taking heavy creams for my skin and a paranoia around what products I could or could not use.  It was no accident that I felt the way I did…I hadn’t found a way that suited my body, mind and soul.  In fact my body was telling me for years it wasn’t happy…it was inflamed, uncomfortable and stressed out.

After years of medication, I knew I had to learn to take better care of myself. So quite literally, as soon as I was open to it….that’s when I discovered doTERRA essential oils. And of course, it changed my life.  It revolutionised it….it set me free!   I learnt to practice daily self care everyday including essential oil use, exercise, eating well,properly hydrating myself and meditation. So now I can be happy, healthy and full of vitality. I believe life is for living and that’s what I’m doing. The older I get I realise our bodies function best when we give it what it needs..the good stuff that is….and I want to be here to enjoy it!


Essentials Oils in my life

In the past 3 years, doTERRA essential oils have helped me and my family get our vitality and zest for life back! And I’m not joking….here’s just a few ways its helped me….

  • Balanced and grounded me and helped me reduce my anxious feelings
  • Help me be a better mum such as I can provide calming environment for better sleep for everyone by diffusing the oils
  • Giving my daughter Emma another option going forward so she can appreciate natural modalities as well as western medicine
  • Boosting my immune system when seasonal threats are high so I cope better when everyone is sick
  • Managing my mood when life’s stresses come up including kids temper tantrums
  • Actually creating self care rituals for my body like foot scrubs, foot spas, facial masks, exfoliation, facial creams at home that are less expensive, just as indulgent as going to a day spa!
  • Release weight….love myself! Be proud of my body!
  • Understand, respect and care for my digestive system….who even knew you could actually do this? But our digestive system is key to our health…love your digestive system and so much will go right for you.
  • Nurture my skin…best results in 40 years….I’m not joking! You’ve heard my stressful journey!
  • Care for my respiratory system to breath a lot easier, take in full complete, restful breaths.
  • Actually thrust me into a new career of wellness and compelled me to study Remedial Massage which has given me amazing experiences and a wealth of knowledge to understand our bodies and help us relax and enjoy life more!
  • Helped me build a doTERRA business by sharing all this fab info with others to help them find wellness like I have and loving the rewards of doing that and the making amazing friends along the way! I am currently ranked Elite in doTERRA.
  • Supporting our amazing oily tribe who choose to join our team.  So much gratitude for everyone I have every met in this wonderful oily journey.  I will do everything I can to support them and you if you join my team.
  • And so much more….

I choose to work with doTERRA essential oils because they are world leaders in progressive aromatherapy and essential oils production.  doTERRA has amazing initiatives like Co-Impact Sourcing and the Healing Hands Foundation. Learn more at www.sourcetoyou.com

Through Remedial Massage therapy and essentials oils, I found a better way to live and enjoy life and I want to help you understand that you can find a better life too. I welcome you to explore my website and be inspired for yourself to see how essential oils and remedial massage could help you too.  It’s so easy to do and your body, mind and soul will thank you. I want to inspire as many people as possible to feel amazing and experience wellness. I encourage you be kind to yourself and live an incredible life!

Lots of love,