About Leighanne

My name is Leighanne Crocker.  I am a mum, qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. Almost all of my life, I’ve had eczema and asthma. I also had 4 years on IVF to finally get my beautiful daughter Emma. I want to take better care of myself. So I’m doing everything I can right now to be happy, healthy and full of vitality. Life is for living and that’s what I’m doing. The older I get I realise our bodies function best when we give it what it needs. The good stuff that is!

I choose to work with doTERRA essential oils because they are world leaders in progressive aromatherapy and essential oils production.  doTERRA has amazing initiatives like Co-Impact Sourcing and the Healing Hands Foundation. By becoming a Wellness Advocate, I love spreading the word about essential oils and wellness and serving others. I have limited my exposure to harmful chemicals in the home and at work.  I’ve found a profound change through increased wellness benefits. And this is really important to me but also to my family.

Through remedial massage therapy and essentials oils, I found a better way to live and enjoy life! I welcome you to explore my website and see for yourself how essential oils and remedial massage could help you too! Don’t wait another day to give yourself the gift of wellness.

Lots of love,
Leighanne x

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