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Make your own Perfume with natural essential oils

Want to know how to make your own perfume with essential oils?  Well it's so easy, in fact, I am astounded people would rather buy a fake synthetic fragrance than the real thing!  Years ago, the perfume industry used to use real essential oils but now they spend...

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Perform at your best…with regular massage

  Do you love to workout, train for marathons or play high intensity sport? Then you may already be aware of the importance of massage to assist you in preparations for your amazing events and afterwards in the recovery phase. As a remedial massage therapist, I know...

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Using Essential Oils to Balance your Chakras

You've probably heard about Chakra Balancing but not really sure what it actually is?  Chakras are energy centres in your body which energy flows.  Your chakras can get out of balance. You can balance them out with simple tools like music, sound, crystals, colour and...

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Gift ideas for a Happy Mumma this Mothers Day

Looking for the perfect Mothers Day Gift......check out our Happy Mumma Pack! With Mother's Day just around the corner, here's an amazing gift idea for your mum! Presenting the Happy Mumma's Pack, this brilliant gift idea has some of doTERRA's incredible self care...

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3 ways to enjoy Essential Oils

3 Ways to use Essential Oils If you are already dabbling with essential oils you will know that essential oils are really simple to use.  For those of you who haven't really heard much about essential oils, there are 3 main ways you can incorporate them into your...

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So what is a Remedial Massage and why should I get one?

What is a Remedial Massage treatment? This question may have been on your mind. A Remedial Massage Treatment may be something you might be considering. Well, let me explain to you why Remedial massage is a great massage to add to your self-care routine. Relaxation...

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Make your own beautiful Pot Pourri with Essential Oils

I have been a huge fan of pot pourri for many years. But not the dusty bad smelling type that you buy from a $2 store. Over the years, I think pot pourri has got a bad reputation because of the cheapened versions of it. To make it yourself is very rewarding and can...

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DIY Easy Fizzy Bath Bombs with Essential Oils

I love creating things and this is by far one of the easy things to create. DIY Easy Fizzy Bath Bombs with Essential Oils. You create these safe, non toxic bath bombs to enjoy at home and can add any essential oils you like. I can’t go past doTERRA Certified Pure...

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Easy Essential Oils Starter Checklist

Try to find out about Essential Oils can be daunting at the start.  If you haven't been to a class or webinar, then you may not know where to begin.  Well I'm glad you found me.  Download my FREE Easy Essential Oil Start Checklist and this can assist you in some basic...

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How I learnt to look after myself….

One day it all came to a head at work when I had a panic attack... When my hubby and I started to have a baby, we couldn’t! I wasn’t exactly a young mum, well I was 35 at the time and I knew time was running out. By the time I actually did conceive, it was after...

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