Create your Own Wellness Business

How do you see the future career for yourself?

Do you dream about a career in wellness as you become healthier you?

Let me inspire you to think about what can be achieved for your future when you start your own doTERRA Business.  Imagine using essential oils each day to improve the wellness of yourself and your family and loving it so much that naturally you found yourself talking about it with others.

Imagine that through this sharing activity, because people know and like you, they were interested in finding out more about how you got these amazing oils? Imagine you were able to help them enrol in doTERRA, just like you did and they just love it! And you actually get paid for that?

I love sharing the doTERRA business opportunity. I love empowering others to find wellness through the oils but I also love helping them find this amazing business opportunity.

By partnering with us, you get access to…

  • Training, support and mentoring and a great essential oil community
  • Professional and personal development to support your journey
  • Access to duplicable information to easily grow your team
  • Information on how to grow your business including back office systems, CRM’s, and what you do and don’t need to get your business off the ground
  • Access to Closed Facebook community to improve your business and professional development
  • Access to me to help you with building your business, essential oils info or as many chats as needed!
  • Access to amazing compensation plan, get paid for selling oils. See

Join our team today…here’s how:

  • To build a doTERRA business on our team, you must also be enrolled with wholesale membership in which is $35 and pick your oils or with an Enrolment Kit. Find out how by visiting Essential Oils and join today.
  • For as little as a monthly Loyalty Rewards Program order (LRP) of 100pv, you are eligible for commissions and can start selling doTERRA essential oils as a Wellness Advocate just like me right away.

Contact Leighanne Crocker to discuss in more detail on 0414 519 730 or head to enrol now:

Learn how to run your own amazing essential oil classes here…Click on image below!

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