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Want a great business opportunity?

I love sharing the doTERRA business opportunity. I love empowering others to find wellness through the oils but I also love helping them find this amazing business opportunity.   If I am doing a good job and growing my business, it’s only happening because I’m helping people find wellness and I’m nurturing my growing team, helping them to be inspired and motivated for success.

I love helping people.  I do this by helping them in the following ways:

  • To find a better path to wellness through essential oils for a better life.
  • And sometimes, to help them live their dreams through the doTERRA Business opportunity.
  • To support the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to improve the lives of communities all around the world…

I love doTERRA because I can order my oils, and be paid for introducing people to doTERRA.  This works brilliantly because I can still do my remedial massage business and find time to build my doTERRA business too. And I love it!  Are you looking for a way to supplement your existing income with a view to growing your own doTERRA business and doing what you love?

When you buy doTERRA essential oils, there are usually three types of clients:

  • Customers who use the oils in their day to day lives empowering their own health and the health of their family. They have no desire to sell oils. They LIVE doTERRA and we love them all the same!
  • Then there’s customers who SHARE the oils, with their friend and family. They spread the word about getting people to come to your classes too or tell them how amazing the oils are. We love them too!
  • And then there’s customers who see what I do, sharing the oils in a class or one on ones and think “I can do what she’s doing!” They have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to live an abundantly rewarding life serving others. These are BUILDERS. They see the scale and potential of a doTERRA business and want to invest in that and their success is a measure of how many people they have served spreading these amazing doTERRA essential oils “gift of the earth”.

I realised I was a builder. What about you? Where do you fit in?

Join my team today…here’s how:

  • To enrol on my team, you must also be enrolled with wholesale membership in my team which is $35 and pick your oils or with an Enrolment Kit. Find out how by visiting Essential Oils and join my team today. Should you have any questions or concerns, I can have a chat to you or email you with more information.  My phone number is 0414 519 730.
  • For as little as a monthly Loyalty Rewards Program order (LRP) of 100pv (approx. $150-$180 Australian Dollars), you are eligible for commissions and can start selling doTERRA essential oils as a Wellness Advocate just like me right away…even as early as tomorrow.

You get paid for performance, its as simple as that. But I will help you with the common pitfalls of this business and recommend new innovative strategies to get your doTERRA business off to a flying start!

  • Full training, support and mentoring, that means I will be available to help you get your business up and running (either in person or on line).
  • Professional Development with amazing upline leaders and doTERRA success partners.
  • Access to duplicable information to easily grow your team and find success!
  • Information on how to grow your business including back office systems, CRM’s, and what you do and don’t need to get your business off the ground.
  • Access to private Leighanne’s VIP doTERRA Builders page on Facebook and other private exclusive groups to share and collaborate with other team members to improve your business and professional development.
  • Access to me to help you with building your business, essential oils info or as many chats as needed!

The outlays are very minimal compared to other businesses and MLM’s. Eventually, you will be earning enough to pay for your own essential oils and more!  The opportunities are endless including helping people throughout the world, travel, high income, becoming part of a beautiful community and more.  It depends on how much you are prepared to commit of your time to share essential oils and really live the wellness lifestyle but it is so worth it on so many levels!

Check out the doTERRA Compensation plan here:

More about our Oily Tribe

If you want to know more about why its so necessary to find a doTERRA tribe that you like…..we are all different and for me it took awhile to understand my place in doTERRA.  I love the products and I use them everyday and now I have a desire to create this amazing business for myself.  During this time, I can say I am so proud of what I’ve achieved already and the friendships I have formed in my journey.  My clients and builders are amazing and my investment in professional development has helped me grow personally and professionally.  I love that I gain new knowledge everyday and add more and more skills to my life. And at my age (43 years) I’m so proud of that….I never stop learning and improving myself and trying to help others feel great about themselves too!

My cause is:

“Empowering people through self care for a better life”

I believe we are so much better people when we take better care of ourselves. And the doTERRA products help us do this safely and naturally.  They truly are a “gift of the earth”.

I believe everything I do including my oils and my remedial massage business to the my team business opportunity for me is linked to that cause. I would like to grow my business and attract other amazing business business builders to my team.  I have an amazing team but I would like to grow a team of builders that enjoys and abundant entrepreneurial life by serving others.

I believe I can only do this through my own actions and putting myself out there to share these oils, connect with people and help them everyday the I can make this happen. It is just as important to help others and also be completely comfortable with the business opportunity and what this can actually can do to improve people lives for the better.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to help and serve others?
  • Do you believe you have potential you haven’t reach yet in your current job?
  • What makes your heart sing? What can we do to help that happen?
  • Do you dream so big it hurts because you think it will never come true?
  • Do you think about how you could offer so much but your current job stops you in some way?

Contact me Leighanne Crocker to discuss in more detail on 0414 519 730 or send me your details via Contact form. Also download the Simple doTERRA Business Startup Guide below which I made to help others get started in doTERRA (all the little tips and tricks). I hope to hear from you soon.

Let’s do this!!! I so look forward to working with you!

Best regards,
Leighanne x

Leighanne Crocker…Wellness Entrepreneur

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