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My name is Leighanne Crocker.  I am a mum, qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Essential Oils Educator. I am passionate about wellness, not just for me and my family but for every person I meet. I want to help as many people as I can to be healthy and happy. And now I know how too! When I first started using essential oils, I was like “what’s all the fuss about ?’ but I soon realised how they can be used for so many things in my life like helping me stay grounded, promoting healthy immune and respiratory system, calming and restful at night so I get restorative sleep, helping my husband and daughter as well, improving my beauty regime helping my troubled skin, cleaning my house with safe and natural products.

I love to provide support to my clients. I am always thinking of ways that I can add value and constantly improving ways to share essential oils knowledge through FREE printables, videos, classes and webinars .  I also love supporting my growing team of Business Builders who help me grow professionally and I love providing inspiration and mentoring advice. There’s no obligation to sell oils but if you are interested in that too, please check out the Business section. I would love you to join my growing team!

Through remedial massage therapy and essentials oils, I found a better way to live and enjoy life! I welcome you to explore my website and see for yourself how essential oils and remedial massage could help you too! Don’t wait another day to give yourself the gift of wellness.  Please enter your details to contact me or phone 0414 519 730.

Lots of love,
Leighanne x