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Diffuser Blends: Create and enjoy your own Diffuser Blends with Essential Oils

Diffuser Blends are one of the best ways to enjoy essential oils. Make sure you diffuse them in a quality diffuser, not an oil burner. A great diffuser will use steam and allow the essential oil to be dispersed in a fine mist throughout the room. It will be safe for all people in the vicinity as long as you choose oils that are low irritants, safe for children and check if anyone has an allergy. My favourite is the Petal diffuser from doTERRA.  It is a great little unit and can diffuse for up to 4 hours.  I’m always diffusing essential oils at home and my Remedial Massage studio in Geelong.

Top essential oil diffuser blends to use aromatically with your diffuser.  Diffusing essential oils can help your mood, kill germs and improve the  air quality to improve breathing. Place 3-6 drops in your Petal Diffuser and enjoy today! Can be used in waiting rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, yoga studios, massage clinics, anywhere you can think of! Experimenting is half the fun of it!  Go on give it a try!  If you need to enrol, I can help you get started in doTERRA and help you with a kit that includes a Diffuser.  Head over to to find out more.



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