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Join my team and claim the gift of wellness from doTERRA

Get a wholesale account with doTERRA today! Join my team and you will get:

  • 25% off Retail pricing….never pay retail for your essential oils!
  • Access to Leighanne Crocker, Wellness Advocate and Essential Oils Educator who will provide you with support and guidance on your oils journey.
  • Access to our exclusive Aromatic Discovery groups for special offers and surprise giveaways.
  • Ongoing education on safe essential oil use.
  • Opportunity for you to run your own doTERRA business although not compulsory.
  • Opportunity to activate your Loyalty Rewards Program and earn FREE product and ongoing promotions and incentives.

Call Leighanne Crocker on 0414 519 730 to find out more or join up – see instructions below. The amazing doTERRA essential oils can be with you in no time at all and you can start feeling empowered to take better care of yourself and your family.

Enrol Now!

In four easy steps, you’ll be part of the team & have wholesale oils at your doorstep.

Online Enrolment

  • Click on this link to Join
  • Click the second tab at the top called ‘Join & Save’.
  • Select Wholesale Membership and follow the prompts.
  • Option 1: Pick an enrolment kit and have your oils shipped directly to your house. You can add additional products after you pick the kit you want (Membership fee of $35 is waived)
  • Option 2: Pay $35 for wholesale membership and then select the oils you want.
    If you are not sure what you’d like, check price lists and enrolments and try my online class.  Or book for one of my upcoming classes to find out more. Or alternatively, contact me, I would love to help you.

Manual Enrolment

  1. Complete the Wellness Advocate Agreement form here with your desired enrolment kit selected.
  2. Add selections from Price List if required
  3. Email to me or text to me on 0414 519 730 and I will set you up.
  4. And that’s it!

After your purchase I will follow-up and give you access to our amazing team page, online training and book you in for a wellness consult.  I cannot wait to work with you and teach you everything I’ve learnt about doTERRA & support you in health and abundance.

Need help?
If you’re unsure of having trouble with the above steps, please get in touch by emailing me or call 0414 519 730. I’m happy to help!

Join Us!

Browse Australian Enrolment Kits

In Australia, we have a great selection of enrolment kits. They are a great way to get started when you are still getting familiar with the oils from beginners to experience aromatherapists.   The best way to start is an enrolment kit because you get great discounted value for your bulk purchase.

If you are building your own doTERRA business, the smart and beautiful packaging looks amazing when displayed at your beauty salon, massage clinic or shop.  It’s attractive look and awesome aroma diffusing in your waiting room, will have people asking you about the oils and finding out where to buy them.

Pick a Kit

Browse Price List

We have a great selection of products available in Australia.  Remember that with a wholesale account you access 25% off retail pricing. So look at the wholesale pricing column.  There are no minimum monthly orders and you can cancel anytime.  To renew at the end of each year its simply $25 and FREE bottle of peppermint essential oil. How cool is that?  To browse in more detail check out our product guide here.

Select your products

If you love the oils then read on, doTERRA have a fabulous Loyalty Rewards Program

Once you have a wholesale account, you can ACTIVATE your Loyalty Rewards Order after the first month of joining. It’s so worth doing because when you enrolled you might have a product or two that you wanted to order but you didn’t, then that’s what I would put on my LRP order.  This way you can build up your doTERRA collection throughout the year and save yourself money!  If you only do a Standard order every now and then, you will not get the rewards points and pay full price for shipping. So Loyalty Rewards makes so much sense and is very affordable.

You can set it up in your doTERRA back office or by calling Member Services on 02 8015 5080 and quoting your Wellness Advocate Id. Any issues you can call me and I can help you. My number is 0414 519 730, happy to help!


  • Earn Loyalty Rewards points to use to get FREE doTERRA product.
  • Immediately earn 10% in rewards points as soon as you set up LRP on top of 25% discount.  Stay on the program and your rewards points increases to max of 30% off  (maximum at the end of your first year) on LRP.
  • Can start as early as one month after your first order.
  • Discount turns into product points and you get to redeem these points on any eligible product you like as long as you have enough points and you can earn discounted shipping too!

Useful Info:

  • In dōTERRA, you will see the term “PV”. PV is personal volume.  Each product has a PV and this adds up to give you loyalty rewards points.  It’s approx. $1 = 1pv but it differs depending on product but PV is a universal language of doTERRA despite dollar fluctuations.
  • You can order place an LRP order from Australia or the US.
  • Just so you know there is a minimum amounts on Loyalty Rewards. Must order between the 2- 15 of each month (to make sure the United States has ticked over to the new month – because we are ahead in terms of time zone. Really important if you are trying to make commissions for the new month:
    • Min amount to spend to stay on LRP per month is 1 pv
    • Under 50pv maintain loyalty rewards points
    • 50pv and over to earn loyalty rewards points
    • 100pv is the min to earn commissions if you want to sell the oils (always keep your template at 100pv or more)
    • 125pv min for FREE product of the month

I believe this is the most amazing and generous program I’ve ever been involved in.  I strongly urge you consider it if you are doing a regular order.  You can setup an LRP order to either Australia or the USA or both.

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