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What to learn more about essential oils? A lot of people contact me wanting to know how to use essential oils because they feel they it’s hard to invest when there’s so many ways to buy essential oils…it can be confusing. But our simple and effective classes cut through all that and help you get empowered with you oils as soon as possible. And it’s so easy! Still interested?  Then read on….


Why come to a class?

Leighanne has been using essential oils for past 3 years and has seen incredible improvements in her wellness all attributed to essential oils and a wellness lifestyle. Also Leighanne’s role as a Remedial Massage therapist brings an understanding of the stresses our bodies are under, our anatomy, how to relax, and when to seek out a physician that really compliments the essential oils classes and helps you build on your oils knowledge a lot quicker. Learning about essential oil safety and using the oils effectively is so beneficial because not only can you see for yourself which oils you actually like..but you can experience them and learn about their therapeutic properties. By attending a class you will smell the aroma’s of these amazing oils and be able to ask any questions you may have to find out if doTERRA is the right fit for you. I highly recommend coming along….. or if you can’t make it to a class, check out my essential oils page for an intro video into our top ten oily favourites here: http://www.aromaticdiscovery.com/essential-oils/  Obviously, in person we can delve a little deeper into topics and really customise your oils experience to fit your lifestyle.

By enrolling with Leighanne, here’s what you get:

By enrolling with me you will also receive an Aromatic Discovery Enrolment Pack FREE to any attendee who enrols at the class which includes:

  • Modern Essentials Mini Guide
  • Modern Essentials Oil Guide Chart
  • Handouts which include info on emotions, chakras etc
  • Access to AD Wellness Team Facebook Group for ongoing oily support
  • Discount Remedial Massage Treatments at $10 off Regular 1 hour session
  • Access to ongoing support from Aromatic Discovery on your oils journey

All standard classes are FREE to attend. If you’d like to book a private meeting with me, that can also be arranged…contact Leighanne on 0414 519 730 to arrange an appointment. I respectfully ask that if you are already enrolled you may still attend our classes but you must identify yourself when you book your place.  Always remember your upline (the person who enrolled you) is your first point of contact for education and support and I respect your enroller in doTERRA and you may be required to share your experiences to enhance the learning of others.

We can come to you

Did you know that you can also host your own class?  You can run it at my studio or we can come to you (or a café nearby).  We love sharing the oils and have a range of topics we can share. Classes include:

  • FREE Discover doTERRA Essentials Oils Intro and Empowerment Class
  • Chakra Balancing class
  • Make your own perfume workshop
  • Tastes of Essential Oils workshop
  • Emotions and the Oils Blend class

So gather a group of friends together and contact me today on 0414 519 730 or send message through contact page. To your vibrant health! Leighanne x

Cancellation Policy

We understand at times people need to cancel, so please let us know if you can’t make it.  Bookings are fully refundable through Eventbrite.  A courtesy text to Leighanne is greatly appreciated on 0414 519 730 to let her know.